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Welcome from Vice President of Student Services    camera

Message from Former Dean of Matriculation CCCO    camera

New students must finish all steps in the West ExpressWay in order to obtain their assessment results and secure a high level registration appointment for future semesters.

Continuing students are encouraged to complete the ExpressWay Student Educational Plan with an online ExpressWay Counselor and to attend the Professional Development Workshops offered through the Student Success and Support Program. Students will be able to access the ExpressWay Checkpoints for information. It is important for continuing students to have completed the College Orientation, Assessment and a current Student Educational Plan in order to secure a high level registration appointment for future semesters.

The West ExpressWay is intended for students who are new to the college.
All other students should contact the Counseling Department concerning advisement for Educational Planning at (310) 287-4257.
You do not need to attend the West Expressway if you have:

  1. An AA, AS,BA,BS or higher degree
  2. Are still attending High School (11th grade and lower grades)
  3. Have on file at WLAC:
    • A Current Student Educational Plan with a Counselor
    • Documentation of having completed Assessment testing or pre-requisite completion
    • Completed of the WLAC Orientation

The West ExpressWay provides access to the following services:

  • Orientation to the College Programs and Services
  • Assessment testing for English , Math and English as a Second Language
  • High-level registration opportunity (first place in line to select classes)
  • An Individual Counseling Appointment that will include a Student Educational Plan
  • A Student Educational Portfolio that will include general education and major requirements for Vocational Certificates, Associate Degrees, and University Transfer with an Associate degree.